treating the whole body.

We treat the whole body as a functional unit instead of breaking it down into sections and only looking at what the symptoms are. Our special functional Integrated approach has helped change so many people’s lives for the better.

What we do

We help people find relief from chronic pain and integrate back into their families and communities..

We have a very detailed and unique three step process to help you become PAIN FREE and back to a healthier and happier time.


We Believe Health goes beyond treating symptoms.

We aim to show people where there dysfunction comes from and how it is leading to their PAIN. From our experience and in depth study based on Posture, bio-mechanics and the adaptive physiological process we can even begin to see through Postural and functional assessments where YOUR body is adapting and even begin to correct it before PAIN eventually kicks in.


Dysfunction will precede pain most of the time with the exception of trauma. Our GOAL is to correct this dysfunction even before pain begins as this makes the whole process much quicker and more efficient.

Although most of our clients only seek out our help when they do have pain we then help them to become PAIN FREE and educate them on how to stay pain free and move more freely and easily whilst enjoying life.




      • Postural Assessment 
      • Functional Assessment
      • Individualized Treatment Plan
      • World Leaders in Acupuncture
      • Specialist in Neuro-Functional & Orthopaedic Acupuncture
      • Osteopathic / Chiropractic Manipulative Integration
      • Dry Needling and Trigger Point Release Therapy
      • Advanced Distal Neuro Functional Acupuncture
      • MyoFascial and Soft tissue Release
      • Cupping Therapy
      • Chinese Herbal Medicine
      • Anatomy In Motion Gait System
      • Individualized Video Prescribed Home Based Rehab program.

      Watch Our Process

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      we are

      Providing the Highest Quality in Healthcare and Pain Relief.

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      Office Location

      5a Mornington Park, Artane, Dublin 5

      Open Hours

       Mon: 8am – 5pm

      Tue : 8am – 2pm – 4pm – 9pm

      Wed : 8am – 5pm

      Thurs : 3pm – 9pm

      Fri : 10am – 5pm 


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