what to expect while at our clinic.

We treat the whole body as a functional unit instead of breaking it down into sections and only looking at what the symptoms are. Our special functional Integrated approach has helped change so many people’s lives for the better and we want to help YOU.

What we do

We help people find relief from chronic pain and integrate back into their families and communities..

We have a very detailed and unique three step process to help you become PAIN FREE and back to a healthier and happier time.

Step one

The very first step to getting you back on the journey to recovery begins with a detailed history intake. Our intake is very thorough as there can be many reasons why you are either experiencing pain, or why your pain still persists.

step two

Then we will subjectively assess for area’s of adaptation and/or dysfunction. This will consist of a full Postural Assessment. This will give us information as to how your system has adapted to previous stressors.
Then we will go through a systematic orthopaedic functional assessment which will highlight areas of dysfunction.

step three

After we have gathered all of this information we will begin to put it all together and put a working treatment plan into place. That plan will consist of in clinic treatment, self care strategies with home work exercises. The duration and quantity of the treatment plan will depend on the duration of your ailment, the findings from out investigations and your commitment to the process.

Health Consultation

We don’t want to miss any pieces of the whole health puzzle, this is why our consultation is so in depth and why previous injuries matter to us. Our human body is constantly acting and reacting to our demands, nutrition, sleep or lack thereof, our stressors and environment.

Functional Assessment

A functional assessment is the foundation of your treatments. Its a must to begin to put in place the correct protocols to getting you back to recovery.

A Map to Recovery

Our Treatment Plan is your map to recovery and better health. Having a process is vital to recovery. You would’t plan a trip without a map or directions to somewhere you didn’t know, to do this with your recovery and health is no different. We MUST make and follow a plan.
I’ve suffered with lower back pain since 2010 I’ve attended many different physio therapists and also tried alternative therapies and exercises to try help me with my back pain, all of Which was recommended to me by friends colleagues and healthcare professionals, I did see results over along period and learnt how to manage it to live a normal lifestyle, in the last few months my back has been at me a lot more frequent, in work and in the gym, I got in touch with darren and he organised to see me as soon as he was available, he even popped me on a cancellation list incase an appointment came available at a closer date, I was recommended to go to physicare by my personal trainer in the gym, but already heard of physicare through many different people in work. (I work in a pharmacy) I was keen to see how I got on,
The first session with darren he went through one of the most detailed consultation forms I’ve ever filled in, he takes every aspect of health and wellbeing into consideration, darren done work on me and gave me exercises to do at home. the second session darren done some more work and followed with dry needling, I was terrified of dry needling, but darren put any doubts I had at ease and reassured me it’s not painful, he sampled one for me into my forearm, I was at ease and continued with the treatment, I found this amazing even just after one session! It’s now 3weeks later and I’ve had zero pain with it, I found darren very professional, attentive to detail and obviously extremely experienced in his line of work. He has a very good reputation and I really can’t recommend him enough. And very cost effective,Prevention is better than the cure and I fully intend to have regular check ins with physicare to ensure full health and wellbeing.
Stacey Ivers McGuinness


Can’t recommend Darren enough. Had serious pain in my left shoulder(complicated injury I suffered years ago) which prevented me from sleeping and training. After the first session the pain had reduced quite a lot and after the second I was pain free and back training and sleeping with no issues. Darren is top of his trade with exceptional knowledge and such a friendly manner. Again can’t recommend him enough.
Kevin McDermot

Personal Trainer and Soft Tissue Therapist

I have had lower back pain for many years and nothing seemed to work, doctors gave me a bag of pills to take and still nothing. I have done two sessions so far with Darren and my pain has completely gone away! I am in absolute amazement with this mans professionalism and hard work! I highly recommend him, he is a miracle worker believe me! Thank you so much for putting me on my feet again.

Marius Bitza

Muay Thai Fighter, Dublin Combat Academy

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